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Oct 31, 2016

If you are in the online business scene for any amount of time, I think you might notice one of the hot topics recently is about Membership based Business.

It reminds me that in my former corporate life as Director of Membership in Asia years back for a prestigious membership business club, we have Spa, 7 outlets of restaurants, Gym, Squash courts, etc. Basically it’s like a Ritz-Carlton hotel, just without accommodation.   I was their 1st staff member, started from scratch, from marketing research to hire and manage a team, witness the building went up, sold, launched and served over 1000 members in less than 6 months, it was a super intense and fun project.   So you can say that I have experienced membership based business first hand way beyond just in the digital world.

Since I got asked quite often about membership based business by my clients, and as I have been planning for my coming membership site to serve larger audience, I want to make sure I get the best expert to share the knowledge with you.

I think I did. My good friend Mike Morrison, he is one half of The Membership Guys, Mike and his partner Callie Willows have spent years guiding the growth of membership websites, e-learning businesses and online communities, helping clients to attract hundreds of thousands of members and generate millions of dollars in revenue. That including one of my business mentor: Chris Ducker.

Warning: In this jam-packed interview, Mike didn’t hold back a bit! It’s like a mini training course its own, so do take out your pen and notepad, well. If you are driving or work out, you’d have to re-listen again to take notes. YES, it’s that good!

Now, let’s chat with Mike!

Key Lessons:

  • What’s Membership based business?
  • 2 Common mistakes to avoid when build up membership based business
  • The reality of membership retention rate, and the specific tips of how to boost it up
  • The right mindset in operating membership based business to own the long term prosperity.
  • Main benefits of membership based business
  • Pricing strategy for membership business in different categories.
  • 3 Top Tips to run a successful membership business 


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