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Godly MBA (Marketing Beyond Ambition) Podcast provides today’s most inspiring, actionable, and successful biblical marketing strategies and Life Application by Kelly Baader and her fellow experts. Tune in weekly, so you can be inspired and empowered to earn more, serve more, and give more! The show includes interview with well-known experts like Cliff Ravenscraft, Chris Ducker, Dan Miller, Joanne Miller, Kate Erickson from Entrepreneur on Fire, and many more. For more actionable and result-driven marketing tips, visit Remember: You Matter!
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Oct 17, 2016

Are you a planning freak like I used to be?

Well, I meant I am much better now after relocating over 3 continents/3 states in USA plus Jamaica, and 2 pregnancy on the go; and wrote an Amazon Bestseller, plus own my virtual business since 2004. So. it’s safe to say that I learned a thing or 2 about planning and establishing systems both in business and in life. However, I also learned sometimes I just have to let go and let God, and the importance to strive for that balance.

Today’s guest, she admitted that we are like partner in crime when it comes to planning, well—I guess we cannot really blame her, because after all that’s how she and John Lee Dumas have built their 7-figure business. In today’s interview, I asked a question which isn’t usual for business podcast, and its the very thing how Kate and John used it to help them grow both in life and in business to the next level! Curious? I hope so! For those of you might not know Kate or John just yet, here is her official Bio:

Kate Erickson is a creator, engager and implementer over at EOFire, a 7-day a week podcast that interviews today's most inspiring and successful entrepreneurs. She is also the host of Kate's Take: The EOFire Audio Blog and author of The Fire Path: A Beginner's Guide to Growing Your Online Business. Kate is passionate about helping entrepreneurs create freedom in their business and life through developing systems and processes that can help their business scale and grow.

Key Lessons:

  • Why Kate and John relocated to Puerto Rico, and how it has helped them grow both in life and business.
  • What Kate and Kelly shared about the mindset of resourcefulness as entrepreneurs
  • The balance of letting go and planning all out
  • How to overcome the #1 Challenge when we are struggling to create systems for business
  • 5 Key Steps to create any system for your business



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