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Aug 22, 2016

Today’s You're in for another treat! Our guest today is Roger Edwards. Roger is an experienced marketing professional helping businesses with their marketing strategy including content and social media. Roger has an extensive track record in the ‘big corporate’ world and was the marketing director of several UK financial services brands before setting up his own consultancy. He now uses his expertise to guide his clients in designing engagement campaigns, Roger is known as a prolific content creator, a speaker and passionate about Keeping Marketing Simple.

In this episode our topic is hot of the press about How Businesses can use Instagram and Snapchat stories to engage, serve and convert your audience to become not just loyal fans, but also customers.

A side note, we initially recorded the episode about 5 days before Instagram came out with the Story feature, we were talking about Snapchat strategies, then when the Instagram stories happened, both Roger and I had the same thoughts about how can we make the content even more valuable for you, Roger reached out just before I did, so we got together and re-record the whole thing again, this time, we are showing you much more than the 2 platforms, but the essential skills for you to conquer the social media in general.

Roger shared the Pro Tips about creating compelling stories:

-Master the brevity of simplicity

-Create Suspense

-Use Behind-the-Scenes

-Engage with your audience with Involvement (ask questions, ask feedback)


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